Since 1980, Missouri Heat Treat, Inc. (MHT), a branch of Unitherm Furnace, LLC, continues to provide commercial metal treating processes around Missouri.  With round-the-clock support, MHT has the flexibility required thermal projects for small-to-large firms to their requested specifications.

Services include:

  • Plug & Press Quench
    To minimize distortion of thin-walled components, our precision heat treat processes are specifically designed to heat components between plates or dies.
  • Induction Heat Treating
    Customers benefit from fast turnaround when we place a piece of metal close to an electromagnetic field ensuring a proper & consistent hardening.
  • Neutral & Case Harding
    Some of the most experienced heat treating staff keep close tabs to make sure every products stays on time within customers’ specification. With neutral or case hardening, typically steel is diffused with carbon with high temperature on the surface layer to the desired hardness.
  • Black Oxide
    Providing cost effective form of protection from corrosion, while adding no visual or dimension change coating all surfaces of a component. Typically, this works well on fasteners, machined or stamped components, gun and ammunition, tools & dies, & automotive parts.