Technical Support

Backed by strong industry relationships, we make sure the products we install are fit for the application and used in a manner that will garner the manufacturer’s support in the event of problems down the line.


  • Unitherm Furnace staff is fully capable of performing routine and emergency maintenance for all of your thermal processing equipment needs.  Furthermore, Unitherm can consult on best practices to be used by in house maintenance crafts as well as offer recommendations on maintenance procedures and intervals.


  • Thermal processing equipment never fails to offer up unique and difficult challenges.  Got a problem that you’re having trouble solving?  Give us a call, we’ve seen a lot of them and can hopefully get you headed in the right direction.

Annual Safety Inspections

  • Beyond being a generally good idea for safety, annual safety inspections are mandated by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standards 86 for Ovens and Furnaces (Sections 7.5.16 and 7.5.17 specifically). Furthermore, many customers appreciate having “outside eyes” on their equipment at least once a year in order to bring to their attention items that might not be considered best practices or to identify other opportunities for improvement.  A final advantage is that many insurance companies appreciate the inspections and these can be used as evidence of due diligence on the part of the operator as well as potentially lessening rates or rate hikes.

Burner Optimization

  • Over time and due to a multitude of reasons, your burners will eventually need to be tuned up.  Burner optimization will ensure proper air to fuel ratios and can have a significant impact on reliability, uptime and fuel savings.

Refractory and Insulation Repairs

  • We offer turnkey solutions for all of your refractory and insulation needs.  Whether it is ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber modules, brick or cast refractory, our staff will work with yours as well as leading suppliers to make sure all installations are fit for the application.

Retrofits and Upgrades

  • Do you have outdated controls, sensors or other instrumentation issues?  Let Unitherm help by bringing your equipment up to date in order to improve reliability, efficiency, automation or spare parts conversions.  Your legacy equipment can often be upgraded to take on a whole new life and improve its current capabilities.


  • Capable of field calibrations of most process controllers in order to meet all of your quality objectives.  Our field staff is supported by an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 lab that can handle virtually any calibration requirements you may have.


  • Whether it be a Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS), System Accuracy Test (SAT) or temperature profiles to gain insight on how your process or equipment is running, Unitherm is here to help.

Supported by a Full Service Fabrication Shop.

  • Beyond simple field repairs, our field staff is backed by a full service fabrication shop that can handle sub-assemblies and custom fabricated parts in order to reduce down time in the field.

Servicing both Electric and Gas Fired Equipment